Lyft commissions return, Uber hits drivers with device fee

More big changes for drivers of Uber and Lyft: both real-time ridesharing apps are taking more money out of their drivers' pockets. I noticed today that my driver statement from Uber had a $10 weekly device fee, which means that if I don't drive for Uber in a week, I'll actually lose $10.  I'm not [...]

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Quasi-investigative TV report on Uber and Lyft safety: Who’s driving you around?

WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC ran a piece yesterday on Uber and Lyft safety concerns. Employing a hidden camera (I think), the journalist or journalists took five rides around town--and came up with no dirt or scandals! There's an oblique (and unattributed) reference to three guys who had criminal backgrounds and were driving for Uber in [...]

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Uber for business begins with expense management by Concur

Uber is making a push into the business travel market. Yesterday, the company announced its Uber for business program, which includes integrating expense management with Concur. Here are the details from Uber: For Businesses Employers visit our signup page to create a business account with Uber’s web portal From there, they link the payment method [...]

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