Lyft commissions return, Uber hits drivers with device fee

More big changes for drivers of Uber and Lyft: both real-time ridesharing apps are taking more money out of their drivers' pockets. I noticed today that my driver statement from Uber had a $10 weekly device fee, which means that if I don't drive for Uber in a week, I'll actually lose $10.  I'm not [...]

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Big change to Lyft policy: drivers get $5 credit for no-shows

Lyft announced a significant change to its ridesharing program today: if a driver arrives and the rider is a no-show, the driver will still get $5. Source: Lyft Drivers will surely cheer this Lyft policy change because it's one of the more frustrating aspects of the job: you make your way through traffic [...]

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Lyft limits: maximum distance and fare rises to 100 miles/$500

Lyft just announced a major change to its rideshare app. Users can now go 100 miles and rack up $500 in charges, up from the previous limits of 60 miles and $200. Here's an excerpt from Lyft's blog post about the increased mileage and fare limits for ridesharing: At Lyft, we’re all about going the [...]

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