Quasi-investigative TV report on Uber and Lyft safety: Who’s driving you around?

WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC ran a piece yesterday on Uber and Lyft safety concerns. Employing a hidden camera (I think), the journalist or journalists took five rides around town--and came up with no dirt or scandals! There's an oblique (and unattributed) reference to three guys who had criminal backgrounds and were driving for Uber in [...]

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Big change to Lyft policy: drivers get $5 credit for no-shows

Lyft announced a significant change to its ridesharing program today: if a driver arrives and the rider is a no-show, the driver will still get $5. Source: Lyft Drivers will surely cheer this Lyft policy change because it's one of the more frustrating aspects of the job: you make your way through traffic [...]

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Welcome to Rideshare Tips

Real-time ridesharing is revolutionizing transportation around the world. To track this fascinating, rapidly growing industry, I created ridesharetips.com. Here you’ll find tips for both riders and drivers of Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and other ridesharing services. I also track industry news and analyze how the business is impacting the way we drive and live. New to [...]

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