Our new dashboard tracks UberX pricing in 86 U.S. cities

I've started creating dashboards on our data page to track UberX pricing. Here's a screenshot (click to enlarge) of one visualization, which compares the UberX base fare by city (bars are colored by cost per mile). You can see that the Hamptons, out on the east end of Long Island, is the most expensive region [...]

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Big change to Lyft policy: drivers get $5 credit for no-shows

Lyft announced a significant change to its ridesharing program today: if a driver arrives and the rider is a no-show, the driver will still get $5. Source: Lyft Drivers will surely cheer this Lyft policy change because it's one of the more frustrating aspects of the job: you make your way through traffic [...]

By |2017-04-15T15:45:09-07:00July 30th, 2014|Drivers, Lyft|0 Comments
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