I’ve started creating dashboards on our data page to track UberX pricing.

Here’s a screenshot (click to enlarge) of one visualization, which compares the UberX base fare by city (bars are colored by cost per mile).

UberX base fare by city graphic

You can see that the Hamptons, out on the east end of Long Island, is the most expensive region with a base fare of $10. Flagstaff, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico are also outliers at $8, compared to the average of $2.44.
Below is a graphic (click to enlarge) that compares the per minute and per mile charges in the 86 U.S. cities served by UberX.

UberX pricing dashboard
As you would expect, there’s a pretty strong relationship between the two, but you can see there’s a lot more variation in the per mile charges than the per minute charges. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s something I’d like to explore further. Once again, the Hamptons, Flagstaff, and Santa Fe are outliers.

For now, I’ve only downloaded data for the U.S. cities, and only for UberX, not the other lines of vehicles the company offers. But fear not: I’ll be expanding this data analysis and also including Lyft.

My hope is to be able to compare Uber and Lyft prices in U.S. cities to see which is a better deal for riders. Both companies are changing their fares frequently, so the verdict may not be final or uniform around the country.

The dashboards, which I created using Tableau Software, allow you to download the data and export images.