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Rideshare Tip #3: Get a Dustbuster to keep your car clean

No one likes to be in a dirty car, especially if they're paying for the privilege! One of the easiest ways to keep your car clean, whether you're driving for a ridesharing app or not, is to use a dustbuster. Sure you could go to a car wash and drop a couple of quarters into [...]

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Rideshare Tip #2: Google Maps is your friend

Can you imagine ridesharing in the age before Google maps and other navigation aids? I'm old enough that I remember taking taxis in the days before smart phones. In those bygone days, you and the driver would often have a running conversation during the ride in order to reach your destination without getting lost. Today, [...]

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Rideshare Tip #1: Carry a first-aid kit in case your passenger wipes out

With this post, I'm inaugurating a new feature here on RideshareTips.com: occasional nuggets of wisdom I've unearthed while driving for Uber and Lyft. Tip #1 is primarily aimed at drivers and stems from an incident early in my ridesharing career. I picked up a young couple at a fashionable restaurant, relatively early on a weekend [...]

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